Esther Chen, D.M.D.

Endodontist located in San Jose, CA

About Dr. Esther Chen

Dr. Esther Chen is an endodontist at Willow Glen Dental Specialists in San Jose, California. She offers services such as root canal treatments and endodontic microsurgeries. Through endodontic treatments, Dr. Chen can eliminate infection from teeth that can be saved for many more years to come!

Dr. Chen attended the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry in Vancouver, BC. She moved to NYC thereafter and did general practice residencies at the NYU Lutheran Medical Center and Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Chen then earned her master’s and certificate in endodontics from the University of Washington. 

In addition to English, Dr. Chen is fluent in Mandarin.  In her free time, Dr. Chen and her husband enjoy trying out restaurants and visiting art museums.

To make an appointment with Dr. Chen, simply use the online appointment tool or call the office to schedule a visit soon!


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