Are Online Aligner Systems Good? What Can Go Wrong?


While this may seem like a fantastic solution, it is important to consider all aspects of this method of treatment. Continue reading for the benefits and drawbacks of online aligner systems.

How Do Online Aligner Systems Work?

Online, or “at-home” alignment systems usually work as follows:

As you complete your treatment, you will take and submit photos for your orthodontist to use in order to monitor your progress. After your treatment is finished, you will receive a retainer that will help ensure that your teeth do not shift.

What Can Go Wrong?

Perhaps the largest issue with at-home aligner systems is that the orthodontist is almost completely eliminated from the entirety of the treatment. Aside from monitoring the pictures that you submit during each stage, the orthodontist has virtually no control or impact on the treatment.

Below are some of the most common issues with online aligner systems:

It’s always best to enlist the direct supervision and expertise of a trusted dental professional rather than attempting to complete the treatment at home on your own. While it may seem more convenient at first, online aligner systems have the potential to lead to further complications and can be quite a stress on both you, as well as your wallet.

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