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Dental implants are an ideal way to preserve the beauty of your smile. At Willow Glen Dental Specialists in San Jose, California, the team uses state-of-the-art technology to create highly durable dental implants that match your natural teeth. Call Willow Glen Dental Specialists or click the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that permanently replaces an unhealthy natural tooth or a missing tooth. Dental implants have three components:

  • A post: A titanium post that serves as a root
  • An abutment: An extension where the crown is mounted
  • A crown: A life-like artificial tooth


Are dental implants right for me?

If you don’t want dentures and have a healthy jawbone and oral tissues, dental implants make sense for you. Sturdy and durable, implants don’t slip or wear on your bones like dentures or bridges. With proper care and regular dental checkups, implants can last a lifetime.

Depending on your health history, you might require a medical exam and physician’s approval before scheduling your implant procedure. 


How do I prepare for dental implant surgery?

Before scheduling the surgery, your dentist performs a thorough examination and makes models of your teeth. Depending on your oral health, they might schedule consultations with specialists who can help with any problems in your mouth, jaw, or face.


How are dental implants inserted?

Preparing your mouth for a dental implant requires several procedures over a few months.

First, your dentist removes your decayed or damaged tooth (unless they're replacing an already-missing tooth), and may do a bone graft to prepare the site for an implant.

Next, after preparing the area for surgery, the oral surgeon cuts through your gum and places the titanium implant into the bone. When the post is secure, they finish the procedure by fitting a temporary prosthesis.

Over the next several months, your jawbone slowly envelops the post. This process is called osseointegration. When the osseointegration is complete, you're ready for the two final procedures.

The oral surgeon places a healing abutment to prepare the gums for the final prosthesis. The final prosthesis is then done by your general dentist. 


What are the risks of dental implant surgery?

Most dental implant procedures are highly successful and result in few — if any — postoperative complications. However, as with any medical procedure, occasional problems may occur:

  • An infection
  • Damage to nerves, other teeth, or blood vessels
  • Sinus issues with implants in the upper jaw


Will the implant match my natural teeth?

Yes! Most crowns are made of porcelain, which means they closely match the color of your natural teeth. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between your implant and your natural teeth.

If you’re missing a tooth or are worried about the health of one of your teeth, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Willow Glen Dental Specialists today. They can help you find a permanent and safe solution for preserving your smile.