Do I Need IV Sedation for My Third Molars?

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The truth is that sedation dentistry is extremely safe and effective when administered properly by a professional. The professional team here at Willow Glen Dental Specialists is here to ensure that your dental sedation goes smooth from start to finish. If you have found yourself wondering if sedation dentistry in San Jose is right for you or if you need IV sedation for the removal of your third molars, continue reading for more information.

About IV Sedation

IV sedation is commonly referred to as “twilight” or “sleep” dentistry, though don’t let the name fool you; while under IV sedation, you will not be completely asleep, rather just in a sleepy, calm state. During IV sedation, the sedation medication is administered through an IV directly into the vein. The medication takes effect quickly, and the dentist has the ability to control the amount of sedation that the patient receives, allowing for a semi-conscious sedation. While the medication takes effect quickly, it does not wear off quickly. After the procedure, the patient will need someone to drive them home, and the patient will need to rest until the effects of the sedation fully wear off.

Is it Right for You?

Always consult your dentist or oral surgeon when making a large decision like whether you should opt for IV sedation or not. Everyone reacts to anesthesia differently; while IV sedation may be right for you during your procedure, it may not be suitable for another individual.

While you don’t necessarily need IV sedation for this procedure, it is strongly recommended, as it makes the experience much more enjoyable for you by lowering your stress levels and placing you in a state of relaxation and comfort. It also makes the procedure much easier for the dentist or oral surgeon, as they will be able to fully concentrate on their work.

The dental professionals here at Willow Glen Dental Specialists (WGDS) will be more than happy to help you find the best way to prepare yourself for undergoing IV sedation for third molars in San Jose. Should you choose to opt for IV sedation, detailed and informative list of instructions will be provided to you in order to help you prepare for your procedure. Speak with your dentist to determine if there are any additional precautions that you should take.

While the thought of undergoing sedation can be a bit intimidating and even a bit scary for some people, the process can be extremely positive for those who take the time to ensure that they are properly prepared. Going forward with the information you learned here, you will have a better understanding of sedation dentistry that will help you decide if it is right for you during your third molar extraction. Our caring team of dental professionals here at Willow Glen Dental Specialists are here to answer any questions you may have; to learn more or to get scheduled for an appointment in our San Jose dental office, give us a call at (408) 478-9081. 

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