Does Every Extraction Need a Bone Graft?

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Continue reading to learn if every tooth extraction needs a bone graft.

What Is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure in which synthetic or natural bone is added to an area of the mouth in order to build up the overall bone density. In most cases, it is done after a tooth has been extracted from the mouth.

Types of Bone Graft

There are a few different types of bone graft that are typically used. The different types of bone graft include:

When Is a Bone Graft Necessary?

A bone graft is not always necessary after a tooth extraction, but there are some cases in which it may be. These cases include:

How Are Dental Bone Grafts Done?

If a bone graft is deemed necessary by the dentist, the graft will be placed immediately after the tooth has been extracted, since there will already be direct access to the tooth socket.

The dentist will place the bone graft directly into the area and secure the graft in place with a dissolvable membrane material. The area is then closed and sewn to allow the graft to have time to heal and integrate with the natural bone. The bone graft is then complete; while the procedure may seem a bit daunting at first, it is actually quite simple, and is usually complete within half an hour. 

If the patient received the bone graft in order to prepare the area for a dental implant, a healing period of 2-3 months is usually required first. The dentist will monitor the healing, and the patient will return for periodic check-up visits.

Dental Bone Grafting in San Jose

Here at Willow Glen Dental Specialists, we are proud to offer comprehensive dental bone grafting services in San Jose, California.

We will conduct a thorough examination to help you determine if you are a candidate for bone grafting.

To learn more about dental bone grafting or to get scheduled for a consultation in our San Jose dental office, give us a call anytime at 408-478-9081.

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