How Does Diabetes Affect the Periodontium?

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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a health condition that causes the body to lose the ability to properly produce or use insulin. Insulin is the body’s naturally-produced hormone that is designated for regulating the levels of glucose in the blood, allowing the cells to use it for fuel.

Without insulin, the cells are not able to process the glucose to use it for fuel. The glucose begins to build up in the blood, which can cause:

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2

Type 1 diabetes is caused by genetic or autoimmune factors. It can not be prevented.

Type 2 diabetes develops over time and is usually caused by an improper diet or lack or exercise.

What Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes can be caused by a number of different things, including:


Diabetes’ Effect on Gum Health

It comes down to this: 

Diabetes increases the body’s susceptibility to infections. Periodontal disease is a chronic infection of the periodontium (gum tissues). Individuals who have Type II diabetes face a higher risk of developing gum disease because their immune response does not develop antibodies to pathogens associated with periodontitis.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

Diabetes and Gum Disease Treatment

Speak with your general practitioner or endocrinologist to develop a treatment plan to handle your diabetes. You will be put on a regimen of daily insulin doses that will regulate the glucose levels in the blood.

If you have developed gum disease as a result of diabetes, speak with your dentist about how to approach your treatment. To manage your gum disease, you will be recommended for scaling and root planing treatment, in which the hygienist will remove bacteria-laden tartar (known as calculus) both above and below the gumline. After all calculus has been professionally removed, the dentist will then determine the best course of treatment in managing your diabetes and gum disease will help ensure that neither condition is allowed to progress.

Gum Disease Treatment in San Jose, CA

 Here at Willow Glen Dental Specialists, we are dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care that maintains not only their dental health, but their overall health, as well. For more information about diabetic-friendly teeth cleaning in San Jose, give us a call at (408) 478-9081.

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