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Root canal therapy at Willow Glen Dental Specialists is often an effective way to save a tooth that's seriously damaged or infected. This is where the inner part of the tooth (pulp chamber where the nerve and blood vessels are located) is affected. Root canal therapy removes the nerve and blood vessels and a filling is placed in the canals where the nerve and blood vessels were. The endodontist at Willow Glen Dental Specialists helps patients maintain the health of their teeth.

Root Canal Q & A

Do you need a root canal?

The endodontist performs a complete examination, including X-rays, before deciding whether root canal therapy is right for your situation. If the pulp -- the inner tooth that's made of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues -- has either a serious infection or other damage, root canal may be the best choice if you wish to avoid extraction. 

How does a root canal work?

During a root canal, the endodontist removes the damaged or diseased pulp from the tooth. They then cleans the area completely to ensure that no traces of infection remain. The specialist then packs a sterile material into the area vacated by the pulp and then seals the tooth to keep it clean. 

How long does it take to recover from a root canal?

After a root canal, you'll only need to relax for a while until the anesthesia wears off. Most patients need no downtime and can go back to their regular routine the very next day. Once your permanent crown is in place, you can eat or drink normally -- and it will be pain free!  

Should you consider tooth extraction instead?

The endodontist at Willow Glen Dental Specialists will discuss all your options with you, and tooth extraction is sometimes one of those options. However, a tooth extraction isn't the optimal way to deal with a tooth that's savable with a root canal. Preserving the natural tooth is generally preferred wherever possible. If you have a tooth extraction, it will often be necessary to install a dental implant in its place, particularly if the tooth is an important one like a molar. When you consider the cost of the extraction and the dental implant, it may be less costly and easier to have the root canal to preserve the natural tooth instead. 

A root canal can be a simple and straightforward procedure in the hands of an expert at Willow Glen Dental Specialists. Use the online appointment tool to arrange your visit now.